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The Body Love Box: A Review

A few months ago, I received a Body Love Box in the mail. I heard about it through a Facebook post from Lindley Ashline, creator of the box. (Lindley is a fat positive photographer!) I was SO excited to open it right away and explore the amazing fat positive, body...

Resources for Being a HAES Ally

A few weeks ago, a negative article shaming Nike for using plus sized mannequins circulated around. There was a lot of backlash on most of the HAES©   friendly social media accounts I follow. People were rightfully upset that Nike was being shamed for this. This...

Body Image Q & A

For this month’s blog, let’s answer some body image questions that come up pretty regularly in my sessions. What is body image? Let’s start with the basic definition. Body image is the perception a person has of their physical body and the thoughts and...

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