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It’s that time of year—a time for red and pink hearts and flowers, but did you also know that the month of sending love to others with Valentine wishes is also a month to celebrate and love your own body?

February is Love Your Body Month and it’s a great time to celebrate your body.

Like I always say, “you don’t have to love your body in order to respect it.” So, it’s okay if you take this month to learn how to appreciate your body, even if you don’t get to a place of “body love.” It’s okay to  redefine what “love your body month” means to you and your recovery. Maybe you spend this month starting to explore body image with your treatment team. You might read articles about the body positive movement. Maybe it means you learn how to “love your body” aside from physical attributes. Maybe love your body month isn’t for you. And you have to stay off of social media for a bit to reset.

Please remember… “Loving your body” also means we remember and accept that our bodies do not define our worth. It means that no matter what shape or size, we are worthy of love and belonging.

We start to believe our bodies are “good” even if we don’t like how they look or our bodies don’t do the things we want them to do. All bodies are good bodies.


To celebrate Love Your Body Month right, we’ve compiled a list of some great resources for you to come back to throughout the month.

They include videos, articles, tweets, instagram posts and more! So mark your calendars for your daily dose of inspiration and reflection on what a truly marvelous gift your body is!

February 1

Kick off Love your Body month by checking out this quick list from the National Eating Disorders Association for 20 ways to Love Your Body.

February 2

For some inspiration in your Instagram feed, follow Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda.

February 3

February brings snow and a great time to curl up with a good book. Check out our list of body positivity books and enjoy looking out your window at the snow!

February 4

Start the week off right by adding the Body Kindness podcast by Rebecca Scritchfield to your morning commute. Kick body shame to the curb and open the door to being kind to your body!

February 5

What exactly is the body positive movement? Fat acceptance activist, Marie Southard Ospina explains in this video.

February 6

Take a hump day break by listening to Julie Duffy Dillon’s Podcast, The Love Food Podcast, episode 18. Julie has special guest, Paige Smathers, and they discuss how you can still model positive body image even if you don’t love your body.

February 7

Malina, a youtube singer, tried an experiment where she didn’t look in the mirror for 5 days. A client showed this to me and I very much enjoyed watching it. Check out this different perspective on body appreciation.

February 8

For a #FollowFriday with some great body positivity, check out Jes Baker on Instagram @themilitantbaker.

February 9

Need a body positive playlist? Here’s a weekend playlist of songs from PopSugar that will empower you to love everything about yourself. Thanks Hedy Phillips!

February 10

Listen to the Fat Girls Club podcast for an honest—and hilarious—look at issues facing plus-sized people today.

February 11

Loving your body can sometimes be difficult with all the so-called “beauty standards” out there. Well, @effyourbeautystandards and follow this Instagram feed to create new ones!

February 12

I LOVE this instagram post by Lauren Newman aka gofooedyourself_. She talks about the difference between positive body image and body positivity. She totally should get a huge round of applause for this post and deserves a mic drop.

February 13

Check out this post by one of my favorite rockstar ED dietitians and “body image guru,” Marci Evans. Marci wrote this post a few years ago. She writes about how “body positivity” has been swallowed by the diet industry and others. Weight loss and “body positivity” cannot coexist.

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! I share this post all the time and wanted to re-share for Valentine’s Day. You deserve to be loved and appreciated above all else. And your body deserve respect, even if you don’t like the way it looks. Check out the blog I wrote about Why It’s Okay to Not Love Your Body.

You are enough

Encouraging words to remember!

February 15

Need a good song to get this Friday started? P!nk just asks you to pretty pretty please… don’t you ever ever feel, like you’re less than Perfect. Also, check out the new blog that’s up on our website! It’s all about advocating for yourself at the doctor’s office.

February 16

For another fantastic Instagram feed, follow Milly Smith @selfloveclubb. This self-love advocate is the perfect addition for your daily dose of body love.

February 17

If you aren’t already following me, @empoweredeatingrd, on Instagram, add this to your daily feed. We’re all about recovery, anti-diet, and body positivity.

February 18

Need a little motivation to start off your Monday? Kenzie Brenna says, ““You don’t have to be in love with yourself everyday, but I PROMISE if you practice self-love you will have more loving moments with yourself than you could ever dream of.” For more, check her out @kenziebrenna on Instagram.

February 19

This slam poetry reading really got me thinking. It’s titled “The Fat Joke” and it’s by Rachel Wiley. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

February 20

Need another podcast to listen to? The Recovery Warriors is a great way to get a little inspiration and hear stories from others who are rising up to defeat ED.

February 21

We love this song from Alessia Cara, Scars to Your Beautiful. What are some of your favorite songs about body appreciation or eating disorder recovery?

February 22

Diversify your feed! It’s important we see bodies of all kinds on our social media accounts. Here are some cool instagrams to follow! What are your faves that aren’t listed?







February 23

Need a Twitter fix? Check out our latest tweets @empoweredeating.

February 24

Need a good book for your Sunday read? Landwhale by Jes Baker will have you in tears–laughing and crying.

February 25

Today kicks off National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. This year’s theme is Come as You Are. Visit the NEDA website to join the conservation and come as you are.


National Eating Disorders Association

February 26

Shout out to all of my favorite anti-diet dietitians out there! The messages you all promote inspire me and are so incredibly valuable for my clients. Keep doing you!

Marci Evans

Christy Harrison

Anna Sweeney

Fiona Sutherland

Lauren Newman

Kristen Murray

Kirsten Ackerman

Julie Duffy Dillon

Evelyn Tribole

Taylor Chan

Kara Lydon

Laura Thomas

Emily Fonnesbeck

February 27

I love this video created by the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH). They explain the problem with “poodle-centric health policy.” Aka they use dogs to explain the flaws in our research about body size to support HAES.

February 28

To close out the month, I’d like to hear from you! What are some of your favorite body positive resources?  Okay, I’ll start… huge fan of Beauty Redefined.

That’s a wrap for February, but we know there’s more out there. So, leave a comment with a book, a blog, or even a mantra that inspires you to love your body. And remember, you don’t need a single month to appreciate and love your body—let the love continue!
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