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I love her quote “A Dietitian does not help you DIET”.

This delightful Empowered Eating Client shares her nutrition journey to inspire you to get the help that you desire. Get an inside view into how working with a Registered Dietitian helped her change her relationship with food.

Also take a look at the wonderful foods that she is now preparing and enjoying.

1. What would you consider to be your main food struggles before coming to Empowered Eating?

Binging and Purging- I never knew what was the right portion to eat. I over-exaggerated my dieting, forbidding myself to certain ‘bad’ foods. This would cause me to binge and stuff my feelings by eating everything in sight. I was fearful of gaining weight and not being able to maintain my slim figure, so I would purge to control my weight.

2. What strategies have helped you the most that you learned and worked on in your sessions with your dietitian?

Mindful eating- listening to my body. Eating when I’m hungry, and allowing myself to eat what my body is asking for. Also taking care of ME. Its fun to take care of yourself and to allow ME time…. going to get my nails done, getting a massage or facial, or creating my ‘vision board’ of all my dreams and aspirations. I learned that I have a creative side. There are other more productive things that I can do with my life other than focusing on food 24/7. It was not the foot that was the enemy, it was my emotions and not knowing how to deal with them properly!

3. What has your experience been with mindful eating? Intuitive eating?

Mindful eating is the biggest key to recovery. You body knows what it needs- trust it and learn to listen to it. The best step you can take is to slow down and become AWARE of why you are eating.

4. What has changed in your perception of what a dietitian does after working with one at Empowered Eating?

A dietician does not help you DIET. A dietician helps you to develop a loving relationship with food- to ensure you are using the most nutritious foods to fuel your body and feel better about yourself every day.

5. What are some examples of goal (short or long term) that you have conquered as a result of nutrition counseling?

1. To stop controlling my weight by purging

2. To re-establish my relationship with food- enjoying grocery shopping for the first time!

3. Learning to cook- using my creative side and alway teaching myself by Googling new healthy recipes!

4. Most importantly- to be able to eat a cookie and truly enjoy it!! (one of my favorite treats!)

If you need support and strategies to recover from your eating disorder; reach out to us.  You can send us an email to admin@empoweredeatingrd.com and we can help you get started.


Note: This blog was edited and re-posted from September 26, 2013.