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How can Family Based Therapy help with Eating Disorders?

What comes to mind when you think of a study session?  For us it was comfy clothes, great food, and pillows on the floor.  Recently, we hired Melanie Jacob, RD to fly down from her nutrition practice in Michigan to present to our team of Registered Dietitians and students on Family Based Treatment treatment.  As a result of this 8-hour intensive training, reading numerous journal articles and books we were assigned to read before her arrival, our Registered Dietitians will be offering an even more intense nutrition program for clients struggling with eating disorders.  This approach will be most effective for younger clients.

Here are some of the new things that you will be experiencing as a client or a loved-one of a client (especially if your child is in middle school or high school):

  1. We will be setting projected goal weights based on the anticipated growth of your loved one in terms of age in months (not simply years)
  2. We will be working more closely than ever with parents through parent support groups and communication with parents and/or child through the Recovery Record app.
  3. We will continue to work closely with all members of the treatment team with an added component on how to help the loved ones with a specific strategic food plan based on 5-level increases which will be individualized to meet our client’s needs
  4. We will continue to monitor vital signs including heart rate and use even more sophisticated screening and quantifiable monitoring tools as your loved one progresses through treatment of eating disorders.

It is our passion to help our clients get the best treatment possible on at outpatient basis and we are there to help transition a client if a higher level of care is required.  We pride ourselves in working well together as a team and that each of us bring unique strengths to the practice to help our clients and each other in a thoughtful, caring manner.


If you or a loved one are struggling with an eating disorder and want to know more about our new family based therapy approach to treatment, give us a call at 240-670-4675 or email us at rebecca@empoweredeatingblogcom.


Note: This blog was edited and re-posted from October 22, 2014.

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