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Avoiding Relapse from an Eating Disorder

Recovery from an eating disorder is 100% possible and you can live a life free of behaviors and symptoms. However recovery can feel different for everyone and can often times be a hard transition. There can be feelings of discomfort, feelings of being stuck, or perhaps confusing thoughts about recovery as it may not have been what you expected. The rest of your life including the people, environment, and potential eating disorder triggers are still present.

Here are some things that can help avoid relapse:


Make sure to have systems in place to keep yourself accountable- continue with your treatment team, engage family and friends, and make time for self-check ins.

Empowered Eating Staff support

Stay accountable to your treatment team.

Identify Red Flags-

 Be proactive. Create a list of your specific red flags that have been triggering throughout your recovery process. Being aware and having a plan for each of them can help. If you need a list (or ideas for your list), email us to share our list with you rebecca@empoweredeatingrd.com.

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Identify Red Flags

Act fast

If you notice a red flag pop up don’t wait until it progresses or another one shows up. Address it right away.



keep up with your meal plan and recovery reading and assignments. Plan ahead for unique situations.

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Define yourself

Keep defining yourself outside or your eating disorder and make time for the things you love and even trying some new things.

Stay positive


continue to go to support groups and appointments.

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Create a positive environment

perhaps your childhood room or college dorm is triggering if this was one of the places your eating disorder first reared it’s head. Change-up your space, hang positive quotes and radiate positive recovery vibes. Get rid of any triggering pictures, clothes, books, etc and replace them with new empowering things.


Stress reduction-Eating disorder support group

Stress Management Tools


Just remember, you are not alone if you think you think the thoughts about food and becoming more and more overwhelming. We are here to help and support you. Please call us at 240-670-4675 for more information about our powerful nutrition programs. 

Blog originally written by Kait Fortunato, RD, LD, CEDRD. Edits by Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD.