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Is is possible to be fully recovered?

A strong support team is necessary in order for an individual to recover fully from an eating disorder. Parents can be huge support. They learn along with their child about the eating disorder and the best ways to cope.

Here is one parent’s feedback about what she has learned.

“I have learned that it takes a village- you cannot help someone with an ED alone- you need the obvious “team” as you all like to refer to it (doctor, therapist, dietitian), but you also need sympathetic family, friend, and even co- workers. And they need to be in for the long haul. The next most valuable piece of info I learned is that recovery looks like an upward spiral. That thought helps brace me for the inevitable down turns that recovery can and does take.

 Having knowledgeable, caring, “with-it” people are the greatest support my child had. People who aren’t afraid to rock the boat and push the kid past the “status quo” of living with an eating disorder. People who hound her with e-mails, texts, and an app that beeps at her to remind her of what she should be doing….

 Rebecca – you have been great. I lived for your emails [about my child’s recovery.]”


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Note: This blog was edited and re-posted from July 11, 2014.