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Where to get help during the pandemic? Looking for meal support resources during COVID-19 pandemic? Here are ideas to help you follow your meal plan during recovery

Meal support resources during pandemic and beyond:


INSTAGRAM support during pandemic:

@covid19eatingsupport – community care
@monte.videos – daily quotes & inspiring videos
@libbyshappyproject – body positive illustrator
@bodypositivepear – atypical anorexia remission
@nerdabouttown – plus size body positivity
@gracefvictory – plus size body positivity
@selfloveclubb – a mental health/body positivity
@allisonkimmey – getting off the yo-yo dieting
@calliethorpe // theconfidencecorner – self love
@hi.ur.beautiful – body positivity quotes
@i_weigh – body positivity
@saggysara – “instagram vs reality” factor
@chessiekingg – body positivity influencer
@bodyposipanda – body positivity influencer
@celestebarber – comedian using humor to tackle body positivity
@effyourbeautystandards – body positivity
@iskra – body positivity influencer
@lindseyhallwrites – PCOS and eating disorder
@beating_eatingdisorders – recovery inspiration
@recovrywarriors – recovery from ED
@healthyisthenewskinny – “choosing health over the beauty ideal”
@covid19studentsupport – support for students, by students


Recovery Warriors
Beauty Beyond Bones
I Haven’t Shaved in Six Weeks
Lane9 Project
Every Body is Beautiful Project
Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders
Let’s Queer Things Up
The Friend I Never Want(ED)
Marginalized Voices Project – NEDA’s storytelling opportunity for underserved voices

FACEBOOK support:

CFD Nutrition Club
Empowered Eating

PODCASTS for eating disorder recovery:

Eating Disorder Recovery with Dr. Janean Anderson
Food Psych Podcast
Peace Meal – the Emily Program

Eating disorder Recovery APPS:

Recovery Record
An easy and discrete way to chart progress and check in with yourself – as well as your dietician.
Rise Up + Recover
From the blog Recovery Warriors, this uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help monitor diet and exercise to determine what your triggers are.
Track meals, provide coping strategies and printable archives, while focusing less on what you eat, and more on how you feel about food.
More focused on anxiety rather than eating disorder recovery, but it’s still a helpful resources. Through coping strategies this app helps you face challenges head on!
A platform to connect with trained listeners who offer short-term support and counseling – perfect for when you need someone to talk to right away.


FREE RESOURCES during pandemic:

Free Online Support Groups –

Telehealth Options – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F4Zcm5NTxaGN44xz0YiYV8QvImZ4T-U6WDOuSlbMbJE/edit#gid=1124955482

Eating Disorder Anonymous Online Groups – http://eatingdisordersanonymous.org/online-meetings/

Eating Recovery Center – https://www.eatingrecoverycenter.com/alumni/virtual-support/online-support-groups

National Eating Disorder Association – https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/covid-19-resources-page

Crisis Text Hotline during pandemic –

Text CONNECT to 741741

For more tips on meal support, take a look at this blog: Meal Support for Loved Ones.

Virtual Appointments covered by insurance

We are here to help you with virtual appointments.  Dana and Klara are available for nutrition counseling, meal support and more.

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-Contributions by Libbi Loos