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By Alex Raymond, RD, LD and Caroline Best, Intern.

We love reading books! Especially  about eating disorders and eating disorder recovery. We do this to stay up to date on new information and new research. One of my fave books that most recently came out is Sick Enough by Dr. Gaudiani (PS she was also recently on an episode of Food Psych!)

Read on to find out more about some of our new fave books and their summaries!
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1. Sick Enough by Dr. Jennifer L. Gaudiani

Sick Enough is such a wonderful resource. Written by Dr. Gaudiani, a doctor who specializes in eating disorder recovery.  This book focuses on when someone with an eating disorder may not think they are “sick enough” to ask for help or work with a treatment team.  She does a good job of explaining the medical risks of delaying treatment. And she does this  in a non-judgemental and easy to understand manner. She focuses on overcoming perceived barriers to treatments and advocates for increasing perceived benefits of treatment and for how much it helps with recovery.

2.The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bulimia: Using DBT to Break the Cycle and Regain Control of Your Life by Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher PhD and Michael Maslar Psy/D.

This is a bulimia recovery workbook meant for use by therapists or dietitians.  We think this  is a particularly helpful resource. Written by two psychologists, the book first addresses what bulimia is and delves into the emotions and possible triggers associated with it. There are also several worksheets and activities to help clients throughout the process of recovery.  The book is centered around 4 core skills. Mindfulness. Distress tolerance. Emotion regulation. And interpersonal effectiveness. Through working on these skills, one can build their independence from their eating disorder. We like this book because of its empowering language and for the way it breaks down skill building into manageable tasks.

3. Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications by Philip S.Mehler and Arnold E.Anderson

We think this is such a great resource. This book goes into what an eating disorder is, treatment information, recovery resources, and more. But why we like the book so much is that while the information in it is evidence-based. The language used is very easy to understand and the explanations are not full of medical jargon. This is a great book if you have a loved one with an eating disorder and want a little more understanding.


4. The Brain Fix: What’s the Matter with Your Grey Matter by Dr. Ralph E. Carson

Dr. Carson’s book is a really interesting examination and analysis of our brains. More specifically, he looks at what can stress or damage our brain in everyday life. Habits people may not realize are actually damaging. He then goes on to discuss what we can do to help protect our brains from the stressors of life. This book is a great combination of a little bit of anatomy, a lot of interesting health perspectives, and tips for better mental health.  We like it because he touches on food habits that might improve mental health, but not in a judgmental or limiting manner.

To wrap it all up…..

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, working with a treatment team is the best course of action. However, there is no such thing as being too informed, and these books are all great resources in understanding mental health and eating disorders.

For more information about recovery resources, talk to one of our amazing dietitians. Contact us at admin@empoweredeatingrd.com to set up a phone call with a RD.

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