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Alex Raymond, RD

Yes, we offer meal support!

As you know, eating meals, can be filled with worry and anxiety. We are here to help you bring back the joy of food preparation and eating and bring you one step closer to helping you create a life free from food struggles!

What does the Empowered Dining Program include?

  • Bimonthly 2-hour meal support sessions with Registered Dietitian
    • Before the meal- enjoy a fun, educational session and/or food preparation
    • During the meal- eat dinner in a supportive environment
    • After the meal- an opportunity to share time with others who are also making recovery a priority
  • The opportunity to eat a meal and discuss meal-centered concerns with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and peers
  • A supportive, comforting recovery environment to explore food options
  • Recovery tools at each meal that will be discussed

When are the sessions?

  • Greenbelt: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm. 

During these bimonthly 2 hour meal support sessions, we focus on positivity, encouragement and empowerment surrounding your meal time. You will be provided with the support you need to continue along the path to a successful recovery and silence the eating disorder voice. Our ultimate goal is to bring the fun back into eating and build your confidence so you can feel empowered in making food and nutrition choices from day to day.

We welcome all clients. You do not have to be a part of our Empowered Eating program in order to participate in Empowered Dining. We also offer meal support at lunch time 2x/week at our Greenbelt Office. Because some Empowered Dining sessions require you to bring your own dinner, we do ask that you send a copy of your meal plan to  (admin@empoweredeatingrd.com) before your first session.

Testimonials from members of Empowered Dining:

What do you like most about Empowered Dining?

  • “The activities are nice and the people are interesting and positive”
  • “Meeting other like me and talking about my [eating disorder] problems”
  • “It feels like a safe and trusting environment. Focusing on the positives and encouragement for recovery.”

What activities are your favorite?

  • Recovery Jenga!”
  • “Jenga!!! And arts and crafts”
  • “Jenga!”

Clearly there was an overwhelming positive response for Recovery Jenga ?

How do we support the group members?

  • “She helps us talk about issues we have and offers helpful solutions.”
  • “has a very warm and supporting presence.”
  • “is happy and non-judgmental.”
  • “She is a good listener, helps us to focus on the positive, understanding about ups and downs of recovery. She is friendly and open.”
Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, will be running these programs. If you are not a current client of Empowered Eating, you can contact us directly for a free Empowered Dining screening.  Please reach out to her directly at admin@empoweredeatingrd.com if you have any questions.
We Are Open During COVID-19
For your safety, we are providing virtual appointments for new and returning clients!

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