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A few months ago, I received a Body Love Box in the mail. I heard about it through a Facebook post from Lindley Ashline, creator of the box. (Lindley is a fat positive photographer!) I was SO excited to open it right away and explore the amazing fat positive, body positivity, pieces of artwork in there. 


Now that it’s getting colder out, many of us are putting on our snuggliest sweaters for the winter. And there is also that pressure many of us are feeling about working on a “summer body.” Subscribing to the Body Love Box throughout the winter is a lovely reminder that we are worth SO much more than what our bodies look like. And everyone deserves to have fun in the sun, no matter what they look like.


You might be thinking, “This sounds awesome!! Tell me more about this box.”


The Body Love Box is a monthly subscription box, with trinkets and goodies that are body-positive and fat- positive. It highlights intersectionalities as well as honors those of LGBTQ+ identities and people of color. The box features artwork from marginalized artists, and these artists are of course compensated for their amazing work. There are different categories of boxes you’re able to purchase on the website but the one we received was Beach Babe Box.

body box

What exactly is included in the box? (taken directly from the website:

  • Artwork by fat and marginalized artists
  • Body liberation books and zines
  • Self care items
  • Info on resources in your area
  • Coloring pages
  • Body positive stickers, pins, buttons, collectibles and trinkets
  • Health at Every Size © and Intuitive Eating exploration


Why subscribe? 


We all know the feelings we get as summer is approaching. Often times, filling our heads with negative thoughts about body image and self-doubt. These transitional moments tend to be some of the lower points when our self-love can take a hit, especially when living in a marginalized body. This is due to the distorted images that society has taught us to value. Those images are wrong. Your body is ready for the summer at anytime, at any size. This type of box is helpful for reminding us that we are worth it. 


I’d really like to give you a sneak peak into the box. Let’s get into the different trinkets in this box and why I love them. 


Beach Babe Wall Plaque by David Jermey of SummerIsle Trading

So first things first, this is my personal favorite element from the box. It is the cutest little figurine to hang on your wall. She comes with a hook on the back. I love the water-color detail and her cute pose. I feel like this Beach Babe Wall Plaque would be a great addition to your bathroom, to remind you that you’re fabulous no matter what size.


Items by Kimberly Dark

Next finds in the Body Love Box are by writer, performer, and sociologist Kimberly Dark. Her works center around appearance stigmas and how to understand that the world is built in a way that can constrain us. She travels the world, speaking on the topic to bring awareness to the architecture of this social world. So, the yellow button reflects her message and the card is a synopsis of her newest book, “Fat, Pretty, and Soon to Be Old.” Both objects remind all of us that though the world is built to make us feel small, we don’t have to submit to that message or any message at all!



There are 3 cards that came in the box, and this one is a postcard! It is light-hearted and would be a great addition to a bedroom wall or to send to a friend that needs a little body positive love. 

The next card in the box is a quote by the author of “Health at Every Size” and co-author of “Body Respect,” Linda Bacon. Dr. Bacon’s focus on body respect is carried through all of her research, writing and teaching. A positive body image means more than liking how your body looks. People who have the strongest relationship to their bodies and the most positive body image know their bodies/their beauty does not define them. And they have more to offer the world than just looks. I love this reminder by Dr. Bacon that tells us we need to find value outside of physical appearance.

The last card included in the box is one for a Plus Size Clothing Company that has a variety of fashionable options for any sized client. It can be incredibly different for people who live in larger bodies to find clothes that are cute and comfortable.  Fat Fancy focuses on bringing together the plus-sized fashionistas through their love for clothing.



Tatiana Gill is a cartoonist and illustrator in Seattle, Washington. She sat down for an interview with Body Love Box. Her goal is to bring more representation to the world with less appearance based judgement. In the interview, Gill offers advice on body-love through her own personal journey in finding a fat-positive community online.

This coloring page is by the above illustrator.


Be sure to follow The Body Love Box on instagram

Chubby Mermaid Stamp Set by Kindred Stamps

Who doesn’t love mermaids? This little stamp set is inclusive and super cute. It’s so hard to pick a favorite stamp.


Manatee Amigurumi Pattern by Hooked by Kati

Last but not least, the box includes something for the crafty type. It goes with the beach theme and is rated an easy pattern so everyone can have a hand at creating their own little creature.


Final Thoughts about the Body Love Box

In a time where diet-culture takes over pretty much everything, this little subscription box is filled with items that can bring positive reminders to your daily life. All the items are almost like body affirmations because it’s easy to forget that you are priceless! It isn’t just a cookie-cutter body-positive box that sugar coats what the movement is all about: it’s real. All the contributors believe in not only the #bopo movement but fully embrace and love the sometimes forgotten #fatpositive movement, which is equally important! 


If this is something you’re interested in check out their website for more information on what they are about along with the types of boxes they offer!


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