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Done with Dieting

Empowered Eating can help you find food freedom.

Did you know the diet industry is worth 67 billion dollars? Have you invested time and money to dieting but never felt fulfilled long term? Do you always end up blaming yourself instead of the diet?

What we do

As anti-diet dietitians, we believe dieting is not the answer to a happy and healthy life. Diets have a 95% failure rate, which means if you were unable to sustain your diet, you are not a failure! The diet failed you.

We get it and understand why diets are appealing. In our diet culture, diets promise health, happiness, confidence, sex appeal and more. In reality, when have you ever gotten all of these things from a diet? Actually, dieting can be restrictive, keeping you from enjoying the food you love, and from doing the things you love.

How to Break Free from Dieting?

Breaking free from dieting can be a difficult thing to do on your own because dieting messages nearly impossible to ignore. With our help at Empowered Eating, we can support you in finding long-term food freedom by learning how to tune back into your body’s wisdom through intuitive eating. We will help you reconnect with yourself while gently nourishing your mind and body. Using the anti-diet approach, we will teach you the tools you need to feel better. We can help you spend less time thinking about food, leaving room to focus on relationships, decrease stress levels, and have more fun in your life.

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Empowered Eating Dietitians will help set you free from a dieting mentality

Empowered Eating Program is for you if…

  • You need help prioritizing self-care and making time for yourself
  • You are tired of dieting
  • You are struggling with your relationship with food
  • You need meal ideas and help with meal planning
  • You want to live a more joyful life
We know the idea of not dieting ever again can be pretty foreign if you have been dieting all your life. Let us help you end the cycle. We are also happy to offer phone and virtual appointments to fit your needs. Call us at 240-670-4675  to learn more!