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Providing Information and Mutual Support

Eating Disorder Family Support Groups in Maryland

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, helpless?

RBA family support group Rick Diese

We provide monthly family support groups in our Columbia office.  These meetings focus on how to support a family member or friend affected by an eating disorder.

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Groups meet the 1st Monday of each month at 6 pm. Please email us for more information. (admin@empoweredeatingrd.com)

Follow our blog, sign up for our newsletter and/or contact our office for any additional information on our family support groups.

All family and loved ones are invited. Please contact us before you attend your first family support group.

You can also email us for more information at admin@empoweredeatingrd.com.


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Here comments from recent support group family members:

“Thank you so much for hosting the family support group and for all the resources you sent out.  We had an interesting discussion and it was an informative learning experience.

After the meeting all of the parents stayed and talked outside of the conference room and exchanged email addresses.  We are looking forward to getting together again.

Thank you for your dedication and kindness.”

“[Knowing that] other parents are going through the EXACT same thing that I am and they’ve come out the other end ok. That really helped me a lot!!!!!”

“I liked that the presentations came from different perspectives. I especially benefited the information shared by the young woman in recovery. It was helpful to hear from another BED sufferer who had similar experiences what worked and didn’t in terms of her relationship with her parents.”

“We enjoyed the informal setting and format… personal and intimate instead of clinical. The information you presented at the front-end was very helpful and informative- some things we had never really heard before- for example, ‘this is not your fault”

“And all the encouragement about just caring enough to be in the game with them, was wonderful. You both were so down to earth, compassionate and longing to encourage and provide hope to the families. That came through loud and clear.”

“While my child shares things in common with other ED sufferers, each person’s journey is unique and must be traveled by that person. I cannot control what happens, only be patient and supportive. Most importantly, there is HOPE.”